A timely cum uppance

"Now Anna, we have much to discuss. You will not speak until I give you permission to do so, and when you do, it will be softly and without shouting".  I start to ask her if she understood, but realize that if I didn’t truly have total control of her body, she’d have hit me by now. I then begin researching this newfound breakthrough, testing the depths of control. "Remove your shirt." I see her eyes narrow and her mouth tighten, but when her hands moved to shakily begin unbuttoning her blouse, her narrowed eyes widen in shock. As the final button is released, and the blouse slides down over her tanned shoulders, my dick wakes up with a vengeance. I can’t believe it! I have done it! The proof is right here. Bitchy Anna, who hates my guts, is sitting in my office quietly stripping her clothes off.   I take a moment to appreciate the sight before me: perky C cup tits encased in a fiery red shelf bra, tanned, shapely arms resting on the arm rests of the chair, her eyes shooting daggers at me. Now I can’t have that, it ruins the picture. While the thought of her impotent fury is turning me on, the thought of being able to control her reaction to the situation is far more erotic, so I command, " Anna, your body is becoming incredibly aroused. Your nipples are aching to be touched, and your pussy is beginning to drip." Incredibly, as I say the words, I see her nipples tighten to hard nubs beneath her bra, and her ass begin to squirm in the seat. Again, her eyes widenin shock and confusion. How much control do I really have? If I can make her become aroused, can I make her have an orgasm as well?

"Anna, feel the arousal of your body building, getting greater and greater…" Her head falls against the back of the chair, her eyes dropshut, and her breathing quickens…"now, when I command you to, you will have the most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced. " In the split second it takes for me to draw the breath I need to voice my command, I heara soft moan escape those full red lips and my balls tighten in my pants. As the first jet of cum shoots from my dick, I push her over the edge "Cum now Anna!" And as my cock jerks and writhesthrough my own orgasm, Anna falls into seizure like spasms that involve her whole body, moaning "AHHHHH" softly but with such force that I know she’s never experienced anything like this before.   Taking a moment to recover, I allow Anna to speak. "Anna, you can speak now but keep in mind my conditions." Furiously, but oh so softly, she starts, "what the fuck have you done? I swear to God, you will pay for this Jake. I will have you arrested, you fucking pervert. You think YOU can beat ME. You think YOU could control ME. No way, nerd! I will make you pay for this. When this drug wears off, I swear YOU WILL PAY!"    "Now that you’ve had your say, you will be quiet again, so I can have mine. You were not drugged. The effects should be permanent, but just to be sure you will have to go through refresher sessions once a week. You will not tell a soul about this. You may try, but you will find yourself unable to speak, write, email, or text message a single syllable regarding what has transpired. If you do find a way to communicate your distress to anyone, your heart will immediately stop beating." At her dubious expression, I answer, "Think about it Anna, if I can command your pussy to flood like Niagara, do you honestly think stopping your heartbeat will be a big challenge? https://nudecamgirls.chat

Now, let’s move on. From now on, your body will remain slightly aroused at all times. Your pussy will be constantly moist. When you are near me, that arousal will increase until it is nearly painful. You will be unable to have an orgasm unless I give you permission to do so, and the orgasms I allow you to have will be only as good as I allow them to be. Furthermore, the more humiliating something is, the nastier it is, the better your orgasms will be. You will be my dirty whore. Your mind may rebel, but your body will love every disgusting, humiliating thing that is commanded of you. Now stand up and remove the rest of your clothes, slowly like you’re trying to seduce me."   As her body moves to obey my command, I see a single tear slide down her cheek. I steel myself against any feeling of pity, and rememberall the derogatory things she’s spewed at me over the last year. I try desperately to appear unaffected by the shapely legs, encased in thigh high stockings that come into view as she slowly dropsher skirt to the floor. As she straightens, and folds her arms behind her back to unhook her bra, I slowly peruse her body. Matching red thongs with a lacy thing around her waist that had garters attached to her stockings. She has a tight, flat stomach and hips that are noticeable larger than her waist. When the bra falls to the floor, so does my jaw. I can’t help but stare at the full roundness of her tits. Not one hint of a sag, just tight, round cantaloupe-sized mounds with nipples that stand out proudly. Next comes the waist thingy, and as she bends to slide the stockings down to her feet, I move to stand behind her.

The view from here is breathtaking as well. Tight, round ass cheeks without a single dimple call out for me to mold them in my hands. The thong is last to go, and I can’t help but notice the way the little patch of material covering her slit clings to the moisture I know is accumulating there.   Moving back around to face her, I can’t resist a little humiliation. "This is what you are so proud of Anna? There must be more. Bend over and put your elbows in the seat of that chair. No, keep your legs straight, and spread them." I nearly come again as she splays herself into the position I’ve commanded.  Her entire body now has a bright pink hue, and as I get closer, I notice that her pussy lips are pinker than the rest of her. They shine with a slick layer of her juices. It is completely bald, not even stubble can be seen. "Hmmm, electrolysis Anna," I ask as I reach out to trace the swollen outer lips. Her entire body jerks as I touchher flesh. At her silence, I reach up and lightly slap her left ass cheek. "I asked you a question, Anna. That can be construed as permission to speak. Any time I ask you a question, you WILL answer, and you WILL be unable to lie."   "Yes I had electrolysis about six months ago, you fucking pervert." Her voice is tremulous and shaky, probably from the combination of controlled fury and acute arousal. Whatever the reason, it is creating havoc in my pants. I want to feel those lips wrapped around my cock. I quickly shed my clothes, and command Anna to her knees in front of me. "You will suck my cock, Anna. You will suck my cock as though it were your lifelong ambition, the one thing you want to do more than anything else in the world. You will hum while you suck it, because I’ve noticed that you hum when you are doing well in your research. Consider sucking my cock your greatest discovery to date. When I come, you will swallow every drop, and it will taste like the finest chocolate. You will want to get every drop.  How does all this make your body feel Anna?"    "As much as I hate you right now, my body is following your instructions to the letter. I have never been so aroused. My breasts are aching, and my vaginal juices are running down my thighs." https://livecamsex.show

Despite the hatred in her voice, she sounds like a sex ed teacher reciting facts about an abstract human body. This just will not do! "Anna, from now on, when you talk about your body in a sexual situation, you will use the most vulgar language you can think of. You no longer have breasts, you have tits. You no longer have a vagina; you have a pussy, a cunt, or a slit. Your asshole is your new G spot, your favorite fuck hole, and the thought of having every hole filled at once is your biggest fantasy. You got that. YOU ARE NOW A FUCKTOY. You can hate it all you want, but when we are together, you will become a trashy, nasty SLUT, and you won’t be able to fight it. Your body will love every minute of it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"    "Yes, Jake, I get it, but while I have your permission to speak, let me say this: you may own my body, but I will hate you until the day I die. You may be able to make my body respond to you, but you will never make my mind like it."   I laugh in her face, "Anna do you really think I give a shit about your mind. The thought of having you at my sexual beck and call and knowing that every second of arousal, every mind-blowing orgasm I force from you is making you miserable only makes me harder. Now suck my cock."   The heat, dear God, the heat of her mouth as she closes over the head of my cock, is nearly my undoing. Then she softly begins to hum, and the vibrations from her vocal cords travel the length of my dick to my balls, and I am lost. Thank God, I’d come only a little while ago. Otherwise, I would never have lasted past the first slow stroke. Now, whether from my instructions, or from some God-given birth defect, I’d like to point out that Anna has no gag reflex. So rather than having to work herself up to taking my 9 inch dick, she swallows me whole on that first down stroke. When I feel her throat close around the head of my dick, I know I’ll never let her go.   After about five minutes of standing with my head thrown back and my eyes tightly closed, I notice that Anna’s humming is getting louder and faster. I open my eyes and look down. She is writhing below me, humping the air, and furiously rubbing her clit with her free hand.

The sight of this tight assed bitch squirming in arousal is more than I can take. With a fierce rush of expelled air through gritted teeth, I blow my load into her waiting mouth. At the first spasm, Anna opens her mouth, and apparently her throat, shoves herself all the way down to my pubic hair and starts swallowing. I have never come so hard in my life. I cannot explain to you the sensation of her throat muscles contracting around my spasming dick. It is pure heaven; mind-blowing. After the last aftershock, I am so sensitive that I can no longer stand Anna’s suckling mouth. I stagger backward and literally fall into a chair.I stare at Anna’s face. Tears are rolling silently down both cheeks, but she is still rubbing her clit. Unadulterated hate in her eyes, and unadulterated lust in her loins, God what a combination. "Do you want something Anna?" I ask innocently.   "I don’t want anything from you Jake," she answers vehemently."Ok then get dressed, and go back to work. At precisely five p.m., you will close out your work and accompany me back to my apartment." Despite the fact that our living quarters are basically suites inside the same building as our lab, we call them apartments.Anna cannot hide the fleeting look of disappointment that crosses her face, or the abject horror of realizing that the disappointment existed. She quickly dresses and nearly runs from my office. It’s no use trying to work any more today, I can’t stop making plans for my first night, no my first year, with Anna. Now you may be wondering why I don’t just command her to pretend that she had fallen in love with me. I want to humiliate her. I want her to realize that everyone knows we’re fucking, that she can’t get enough of me, despite the fact that we hate each other. I want her to feel like the trashy slut I’ve commanded her to be. I want her shame, her embarrassment, her dejection almost as much as I want her body. Besides, I know eventually I will tire of her and loan her out to my friends. It will be easier on them if they think she’s just some nympho slut. https://webcamgirls.watch